The Yellow City Hack-A-Thon

Yellow City Hack-A-Thon

11-12 August 2018 from 9am to 9am - Amarillo, TX

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11 - 12 August 2018 from 9am to 9am


Amarillo College in Amarillo, TX (see map for details)

Who Can Attend

Those with a passion to create (and are 16 years or older)!

Price of Admission


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About the Event

Yellow City Hack-A-Thon is the follow-up hack-a-thon to last year's successful Amarillo Make-A-Thon.

Sporting more of a traditional competitive hack-a-thon style this time, teams of 1 to 5 people will come together and see who can hammer out according to this year's theme!

24 Hours

You'll have 24 hours to create something awesome (as it relates to the theme)!


If you and your team want a little advice, mentors will be on-hand and available.


Awards will be given for a variety of metrics: quality, creativeness, etc..


That, and also it will put your technical and creative skills to good use.


Go the the 1st floor of the Byrd Business Building for check-in. Please park in Parking Lot 9.
For directions, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a tech innovation marathon. This is where your dreams run wild. Solve a real-world problem with technology or build the next awesome thing. The Yellow City Hack-A-Thon has a theme every year, and whatever you do make should be aligned with that broad theme.

What if I don't have a team or an idea?

No problem! You can find a team once you arrive. Most hackers arrive without a team. You will often find inspiration for ideas at the hackathon.

What if I don't code?

This is the perfect opportunity to learn something new from your peers! There will be mentors to help you throughout the event.

Who can attend?

People 16 years or older, and that does include high school students who are juniors or seniors. Anyone is welcome to drop by and see what participants are working on!

What can I build?

Anything! Web, mobile, desktop, and hardware projects are all welcome. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness.

Will you allow hardware hacks?

If you bring the hardware, then sure, you can make a hardware hack.

How much does it cost?

Yellow City Hack-A-Thon is free! Food, beverages, swag, and workspaces will be provided. You just have to travel to the event and we will take care of the rest! :)

What should I bring?

Valid photo ID is required. (State or Federal Government issued ID is highly recommended.) Laptops are required as well, and so is anything else you think you need to build your idea.

How big should teams be? Can I hack alone?

Teams should be at most FIVE people. We do recommend that you form a team with others, but teams of one are allowed.

Can I build on past projects?

We strongly discourage building off of existing projects you've worked on. However, using third–party APIs and libraries are encouraged, as long as they're accessible by everyone.

Where is it?

See map for details. It's going to be held in the Byrd Business Building on the Amarillo College Washington St Campus. Go into the 1st floor and you'll see the check-in table.

Do I have to sleep at the hackathon?

No, but there will be a quiet room where you can go and rest as needed. We do encourage at least some rest.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. Do read the Code of Conduct. Really, just be kind to others.

I have more questions!

You can get in touch with us via email or Slack


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